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Rapper, Singer, Entrepeneur

Kellee Maize was born in central PA in the 1980's. Her mom always says she was singing and dancing before she could talk and walk. She moved to Pittsburgh to go to college with a dream of making an impact on the world. While attending the University of Pittsburgh she began performing live with hip hop bands. She was drawn to performing hip hop as an outlet for activism. After experiencing many life challenges including coming to terms with being adopted, watching her adopted mother battle lung cancer, her adopted father dying, and her birth mother rejecting her attempts at connecting, Kellee turned to music as a means to cope with depression and anxiety she faced.  She also found inspiration from various metaphysical and new age teachings, like Zen Buddhism, which motivated her to share this wisdom to help others through her music.

Kellee has performed alone, with a DJ, and with various live musicians, artists, and dancers at over 300 concerts.  

Kellee also started a street team, online marketing, and events company called Nakturnal in 2006, which continues to grow and serve local and national  businesses.  Kellee advises various start-up companies and speaks and writes about marketing, music, and entrepreneurship. Her articles  on the Huffington Post about making music affordably and how to make it in the music industry independently continue to be shared daily.

In her spare time Kellee is a doula and loves attending births and helping mothers. She is a level two Reiki practitioner and has been organizing women's gatherings for support and spiritual growth since 2009.

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Kellee has released 6 albums with over 1 million downloads. 

Her sound defies genres encompassing EDM, hip-hop, pop, R&B, and global beats.
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