5 female rappers in 1
Aligned Archetype
22 Tracks
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Age of Feminine
11 Tracks
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The 5th Element
5th Album, 11 Tracks
Release Date: 2/14/14

The 5th and missing Element is Love - which in its
unconditional form could help humanity evolve its
consciousness from the “love of power to the power
of love." (Jimi Hendrix)

Each song mentions Love in some way, shape or
form. Love isn't always about rainbows and smiles,
but the ability to accept, forgive, take action and
move forward in a positive direction.

The album has themes that include Love of self, the
earth, enemies, the moment, and for our personal
relationships. The album design features over 1,000
fans that sent pictures of themselves displaying
Love in whatever way they saw fit.
Owl Time
11 Tracks
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15 Tracks
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*Over 450,000
Integration, a Book by Kellee Maize - In Bookstores Nationwide
Integration is a multi-sensory experience, presented as an illustrated book of lyrics selected from Kellee Maize's
most-downloaded albums. The book features images from visual artist Octeel and photographer Laura Petrilla.

It's a hardcover gift book with full-color photographs and graphic elements throughout, to enhance the message of the lyrics.

160 Pages
Released: 11/15/12
Price: $16.95
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Kellee Maize has been releasing all of her music for free under Creative Commons since 2007, with over 1 million total downloads and counting. She has achieved #1
rankings on sites such as Amazon, Frostwire & Jamendo.
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*Over 550,000
The New Face of Toyota Hybrids
Toyota has partnered with Kellee Maize to be their new spokesperson! Kellee has signed a 3 year deal to partner with Toyota to spread awareness about the benefits
to the environment of driving a Hybrid or fuel efficient vehicle. Below are 3 commercials airing now.
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*Over 350,000
Pics You Can Use!
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(Please credit Laura Petrilla if using any of these photos.)
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About Kellee Maize
Kellee Maize is independent rapper, singer, activist, and entrepreneur based in Pittsburgh, PA. Her music
focuses on human rights, love, unity, eastern philosophy, environmentalism, co-existence between religions,
metaphysics, feminism, spirituality and social issues. Kellee wouldn't call herself an expert on any of these
subjects, but she wants to share what has opened her eyes or assisted her in the constant process of personal
transformation and healing. She feels that looking within is the first step to assist in larger community and
planetary transformation. She feels self-expression, art and music help us heal and learn and will be the vehicle
by which our culture can evolve to a world that works for all, instead of just a small percentage.  

Other facts about Kellee Maize:

  • Lives in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Raps & Sings about Social Justice, Spirituality, Meditation, Yoga, Environmentalism & More!
  • Volunteers for many non-profit organizations in Pittsburgh and organizes weekly healing events for women
  • She self-released 5 Albums since 2007
  • All of her music is FREE and licensed by Creative Commons
  • Her albums have been downloaded over 1 million times
  • Has performed at nearly 500 shows including Bonnaroo, Harvest Fest, Zeitgeist Media Festival & MIDEM
  • Over 20 music videos with millions of views on Youtube
  • Verified on Twitter with over 116,000 followers & 55,000 Facebook fans
  • Spokesperson for Toyota Hybrid National Ad Campaigns
  • Co-Founder of Nakturnal, a female-run non traditional marketing and events agency since 2006
  • #1 Search Result on Google for the keyword "female rapper"
  • #1 on Amazon, Frostwire & Jamendo
"Kellee Maize is unlike the rest - her new-age, politically-aware, mother earth
respecting hip hop is edgy, sexy, fun and highly rhythmic."
- XXL Magazine
"Kellee Maize's Music Will Enrich Your Soul"
- Huffington Post
Over 20 Music Videos with Millions Of Views
Kellee's Youtube presence has helped her achieve a loyal following. With over 20 music videos and more on the way, she's been able to generate millions of views
and hundreds of thousands of likes & comments.
Video using "In Tune" by Kellee Maize
Video using "Tree of Life" by Kellee Maize
Over 12,000 User Uploaded Youtube Videos
Since Kellee is one of the few artists that took the risk of a unique copyright license (Creative Commons), it allows Youtubers to use her music freely (as long as she
is credited) without having to worry about copyright infringment resulting in their video being removed by Youtube.
*Over 100,000
6th Album, 9 Tracks
Release Date:10/27/14

THE REMIXES is a compilation of 9 popular tracks
from my last 5 albums remixed by J. Glaze
Productions with 3 tracks featuring Udachi and Mike

Download the album for FREE on Jamendo

I will also be announcing a DJ Remix Contest in the
near future. Interested DJs will have access to my full
catalog of work to create their own remix for a cash
prize. Check back here for more details or email

Yes, that is me to the left, with my Smurf guitar.  
Each single cover is a throwback picture from my